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I am going to look at the figure of Ingwe or Ing because he is the God of the English or the King of the English. It is my opinion that Ingwe incarnated in the figure of Sceaf who was the Divine Ancestor of the English Folk. I have covered this before so will not go into it again, but Sceaf landed upon an island in the North - Scandi - where he brought culture and civilisation to these lands. This may have been at the end of the fabled Golden Age since he also, it would seem, brought the process of making fire. Whatever the case of this it is Sceaf-Ing who is the Culture-Bearer of the Germanic Folk, just as Osiris was to the Egyptians. He changed the way of living from hunter-gatherer to the growing of crops.
We have no way of telling when this happened but we must consider the idea that this refers to a time when the vast northern continent of At-al-land existed in the North-West. Archaeological evidence suggests that up to around 7,000 to 8,000 years ago this land-mass covered the North Sea across the area of the Dogger Bank, and that around this time (5000 BCE maybe) a cataclysm caused by a massive tsunami engulfed and sank these homelands and the people - which included the Inga-Folk. What seems to have been left is a small island about 150 miles across, lying in the area of the Dogger Bank. This, I have suggested may well have been the Isle of the Blest which has come down to us in so-called 'Celtic Mythology' but only in the sense that the 'Celts' were 'Germano-Celts' (Aryans) who held this knowledge through the Ur-Druids or Hyperborean Druids - not the later form of 'Druidry' which shows distortions and possible alien influences.
What is important here is that Ingwe was the High Lord of the Elves, and the original name of these lands was 'Albion', this being a Germanic name where the Root alb means the same as our elf - Land of the Elves. So these islands were the lands occupied by the Shining Ones who were responsible for building the vast stone structures that exist in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. This throws into touch the idea that these are 'Celtic', a ploy which was in some way put forward for fashionable purposes, and more sinister a ploy used by the Norman invaders who sought to unite these islands under their banner (of the Pope) by rewriting the history of the English and of these islands. This has been going on ever since and has totally distorted the history of the English Folk. The English go back to the days of Albion and this forms part of our Ancient History - the symbol of Albion was the White Rose.

The meaning of 'White Island' given to the term 'Albion' does not invalidate what I have just said, indeed it emphasises its rightness. 'Albion' came to be termed 'white' but it can also mean 'shining' or 'bright' so the name of the island would be -
White Island - Shining Island - Bright Island - Isle of the Shining Ones
This name tallies with the name of the island upon which the small boat containing the young God-Child Sceaf arrived - Scandi - a name meaning 'Shining Island' (Scand-ey). It was referred to as an island in some accounts. The English claim this as their Legend of Origins, but this is also part of the legends of the Lombards ('Long-Beards') of Northern Italy, who also use an 'English Cross' as part of their symbolism.
What is most important to us is that these legends take us way back into the past of these islands, indeed to a time before these actually became islands. Tolkien, in the Book of Lost Tales recounts how Ingwe brought his Folk back to these lands where they had dwelt in ancient times before the sinking of the Northern Continent. This may have explained to him how they originated here, but I see them as already being here in remnants of Germanic Tribes who remained after the sinking of At-al-land.
The importance of Ingwe as the Divine Ancestor of the English Folk cannot be underestimated, since he even has a rune of his own in the English Futhork and the Common Germanic Futhark. His rune is numbered 22 in both rune-rows; it has several variations and is linked to the constellation of Bootes which is the 'Driver of Woden's Waen' (The Plough). Bootes is 'The Clamourer' or 'The Awakener' which is an important concept that needs meditating upon carefully. 




The idea that the English Nation ended in 1066 has been around far too long; it has been propagated by the Old Order, but it has also infected some leading elements of the 'English Community' who cease to see anything more important than the Norman era and the subsequent loss of English Culture and Identity. These lived on in the English Blood, no matter if the Norman and Breton Barons took control, for within the Common Folk of England lies the Sacred Blood Memory that can be awakened and lead us back to freedom. No virile and strong movement can be built by those who remain in the era of pre-1066 England, neither by those who live in any time of the past. We must hark back to the past to regain our identity, but this does not start in 459 CE, nor on 'Angeln' in Scandinavia, but goes way back to the beginning of At-al-land, and then way back further to Thule-Hyperborea.


We stand today at a turning-point in time, when the regime that rules us has been forced to act against anything that would seek to give us back our identity and our roots. Their actions, at times, have been oppressive and seem to be done out of desperation to stop the emergence of an English Movement that will finally create an English Awakening. This desperation, looking back at the signs of the times, seemed unnecessary in view of the disjointed nature of the emerging English Revival - split at all times through quarrels and bickering, and never seeming to be able to get out of the distant past. Indeed, such things as the leaflets written in Old English posted up by 'English Activists', which were naturally ridiculed since only about a dozen people here in England could understand them, and the suggestions (made to me) that we all speak Old English (so that no-one would understand us?) are reminiscent of the Welsh 'Nationalists' who tried to force the Welsh Language understood by around 20% of the Welsh people of the time. The Welsh did have more of a point, as it happens, since there were around 20% of them who understood it, but to do this with Old English today is just a joke!  Yes, ensure that Old English lives on but to try to use it is another matter - in reality it makes far more sense to use it as a Ritual Language which would take a group out of the mundane world into a new 'Time'.


There is today the need to build a movement of the present which looks back to the past, but which seeks to build a new and better future. To build a strong movement, and this time one that will survive against the oppressive measures of the State Regime we need people who can lead, and more important people who can follow ; this may seem obvious but we can see today how too many people are unable to get in behind an organisation or movement that exists and need to start their own organisation - even though they may not be the most capable of leaders! Ego-centredness is prime cause for the problems we face today. Leaders of any group, organisation or movement must be motivated by the interests and the survival of the Folk, not on their own interests.


The time is coming when a Folk-Leader will arise here in England, but until that time our interests would be served best through small groups working separately, but prepared to join together when necessary to create the impression of larger numbers. When people attend activities it is numbers that count, since when few people attend most are put off and so will not come back. This applies to any group whether political or religious or whatever else. This cannot happen until the leaders of groups and organisations decide that the interest and the survival of our Folk is more important than their own interests.  


The White Stone of Ing found in a church in Steyning, West Sussex is the Stone of English Origins and Destiny which has yet to be deciphered in full, but contains the message 'Gift of Ing - Fire'. This stone has been completely ignored by establishment scholars and in the museum in Steyning I was told it was 'Norman', despite the obvious English Runes carved upon it. It has also been completely ignored by the leading figures of the English Community, even though it appears to be one of the most important symbols of the English Folk-Community, and certainly that of the English Awakening. This stone is carved in runes found only in the English Runes, including a variant of the Ken-Rune, and the legend of 'Cuthman' is the 'Legend of Ing' from the Old English Rune-Poem. Presumably, this is not important enough to be taken seriously, which is why I have chosen to keep the subject alive because the prophetic utterances about in in the book of Revelation tell us that it was meant to surface at this time and be found by the Son of Ing.
On one of my Wulfinga Blogs (Inglinga) I mentioned the piece in Wotan's Krieger (Aryan Myth and Metahistory) which suggested that the sinking of Atland (At-al-land) was due to a catastrophe brought about by the Hale-Bopp Comet. This was supposedly something like 4,000 years ago (see the blog for other suggestions) and it was the re-appearance of the same comet that brought into existence Woden's Folk - through a Mystical Experience and Shamanic Initiation guided by Woden as the Hale-Bopp Comet stood in the Northern Skies in the area of Berkana. This can be no coincidence, nor can the finding of the White Stone of Ing be a coincidence - the name Wulf Ingessunu refers to an Archetypal Myth that is being (re-)enacted in our era to bring into being the Resurrection of the English Folk. These ideas link our destiny to the past - to At-al-land.

The Sons of Ingwe

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