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English Resistance Video

The Awakening of the White Dragon

Anyone can take an active part in promoting the Woden Folk-Religion, and one easy way to do so is to spread the word for us. Download these videos and send them on to any contacts that you have and they will get out much further than they do at present. We have more videos under English Resistance on YouTube.


'English Resistance' is not an organisation of any sort; it is an 'idea' of something that must become reality if the English Folk are to survive. This 'idea' began with the Torchlight Rites at Avebury Stone Circle and Wayland's Smithy in 2013 which were very successful and gave us good coverage on YouTube. 'English Resistance' is also the name of our YouTube outlet promoting Woden's Folk and the Woden Folk-Religion.  

Hail the Awakening!